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prefers_magneto ([personal profile] prefers_magneto) wrote in [personal profile] sadgamaya 2011-11-04 02:09 am (UTC)

Does Stephen know you/your canon? Yes. (X-Men - movieverse)
May he:
* read your mind? Yes. Erik is fairly used to telepaths touching his brain at this point (thnx my bff Charles)
* hypnotize you? No.
* say odd things about your ~aura~? Yes, PLEASE. (If only for how Erik will react :P)
* discuss your abilities openly/with you? Yes. He doesn't even hide it a little bit.
* contact/visit you via the astral plane? Sure. It's not a big stretch from telepathic communication.
* see through illusions, lies, and various forms of deception with the Eye of Agamotto? Yes.

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