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Timeline of activity in [community profile] betenoire_rp



02 - [network - action] Christine warns about McCoy. Stephen helps her to Romana's place.
22 - [network] Volunteering to help Sirius with trapped people. Discussion of werewolf boyfriends.
26 - [network - action] Tony has magic flu. Stephen goes over and helps!
30 - [network - action] Strange picks up Hermione's distress, rescues her, and heals her at his apartment. ;;
31 - [network] Meet Frost, who wants his body back!
31 - [network] Threadjackan Snape to gossip about Frost and theorize about the deep winter Loki unleashed.


09 - [network] Snape calls to check on Hermione.*
09 - [network] Raven announces that Xavier has left the city.


26 - [network - action] Strange reappears after being trapped between dimensions for a month. Snape and Hermione come over to his flat to help him get his strength and update him on events. Tony calls asking for help with River.


01 - [network] Frost calls to see if Strange is recovered; they plan his reassembly.
13 - [network] Christine Chapel checks in; they have tea.
27 - [network] Chatting metaplot + philosophy with River Tam. By Hoggoth, he actually understands her.


10 - [network] Freya got shot and wants help.
13 - [network] Cassandra asks about city moods. They start talking about the philosophy of free will.
29 - [network] Oh, a voodoo doctor is in town now.

07 - [network] River post about Joyd. Strange answers it midair because he's like that.
07 - [network] Inara calls for help.