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also hi

Does Stephen know you/your canon? Possibly he's heard of Loki; movie-verse Loki won't, though. NEW TO MIDGARD AND ALL he didn't get much time to catch up on the latest news these past few hundred years.
May he:
* read your mind? He can try, but as he's alien it's probably going to sound like nails on a chalkboard.
* hypnotize you? BATTLE OF THE HYPNOTISE
* say odd things about your ~aura~? Always yes forever!
* discuss your abilities openly/with you? ...Yes, I think.
* contact/visit you via the astral plane? Also yes, lmao what are gods :E
* see through illusions, lies, and various forms of deception with the Eye of Agamotto? Yes on the illusions, possibly on other stuff too, but can I say no for the actual lies? Because Loki... has this tendency to fully believe his lies as truth until they're not convenient anymore so lmao. :E

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