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Does Stephen know you/your canon? yup, he can know anything that the public would know about... which is a lot, really. but i'd prefer his deeper secrets to be secrets. gonna say tony knows of strange and his accident, if that was in the news? when did that happen for him? tony might've given speeches or lectures on integrated circuits in a place surgeon!strange might've been at and they might've shaken hands at some point, but fuuuuck if he remembers any of that or stephen's name. face might seem familiar to him... talk with me on timelines bb?
May he:
* read your mind? yes; i will write specifically in each thread, probably, what he sees if i know he's reading it? but not very deep... there are some things i and tony don't want getting out. he has no shields against that kind of thing though; he's all technological shielding. dunno how you'd want that to interact with stephen's stuff!
* hypnotize you? sure thing! again, though, i'd prefer discussion before so we're both on the same page.
* say odd things about your ~aura~? of course.
* discuss your abilities openly/with you? yup.
* contact/visit you via the astral plane? definitely.
* see through illusions, lies, and various forms of deception with the Eye of Agamotto? sure, unless i need some reason for him not to. tony kinda sucks at lying anyway, and he's not into illusions.

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