sadgamaya: (tgo ][ idiocy of your caliber)
Stephen Strange ([personal profile] sadgamaya) wrote 2011-11-03 08:55 pm (UTC)

This actually gives us a chance to work out some history if you want: surgeonStrange and Tony could have attended the same party/fundraiser (Stephen LOVED DAT MONEY) or brain lecture. LOL if they had a disagreement about machinery in the brain or s/t.

Gonna say Strange's accident happened in the early 2000s, after which the sad story of him becoming a derelict then dropping off the face of the earth occurs...I'd say he came back in full force around the mid part of the decade, a year or so before IM? Lemme know if that's kosher (I have this weird picture of Strange reading the newspaper or flipping on the news for Tony's announcement and going "well isn't that a neat twist of fate.")

Telepathy can be broken depending on the ~ley lines~ of the city or something wobbly like that. Convenient stumbling blocks for the purposes of DEVELOPMENT!

I really want these two to have that weird brother/mentor thing going. Stephen likes BRAINSSSS so maybe call him up or let him take a peek under the hood? hahaha

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