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Tony Stark ([personal profile] myheartglows) wrote in [personal profile] sadgamaya 2011-11-03 09:27 pm (UTC)

that totally works! party/fundraiser etc. stark industries has advanced medical technology etc too, so that can very easily be done. and tony... well, he's tony, so he'd be totally be all about the possibility of machinery in the brain.

IM happened in 2008, starting in mid-may, for me. (it's what i and bruce/pepper-muns have been going with, at least.) so, if you're cool with that, totally works out for me, too... gonna say tony doesn't know that about dr. strange as a sorcerer supreme, though, because lolmagic. or maybe he heard about it, but completely brushed it off as nonsense. has stephen been very public since his return?

yes yes x infinity to brother/mentor hopefully plz. tony has a very unique brain now, so stephen can be all interested in it. XDXD he looks like house in that icon.

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